There is a growing gap between business and IT. There is a growing gap between promises made and results delivered!

Society today is increasingly digital! Around the clock, people and organizations are increasingly relying on technology’s speed, efficiency and convenience. As organizations seek to leverage the potential of technology, it often encounters apprehension - about pace, corporate dynamics, government or industry regulations, and potential threats. Concerns also arise regarding the confusing array of technology options and type. At IJS, we help organizations overcome these hurdles. Backed by deep insight on smart enterprise technology and guided by our team of thought leaders in industry, education and technology, we can help accelerate the successful impact digital can have as well leverage our combination of deep business and industry insight to enable digital innovation.

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Case Studies
  • Effective

    Combining hands-on practice with theory to ensure functional competence

  • Engaging

    building bridges among stakeholders including educational institutions, business, and the public

  • Energising

    Stimulating discussions

  • Envisioning

    Partnering with leading technology partners to introduce the latest in technical innovation